How Do I Create Empathy With Characters In My Novel?


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To create empathy between the reader and the character in your novel you must create a character that is believable and then put them in believable situations, where a resolution is required. The situations do not have to wholly realistic, but suited to their personality. The reader will witness and feel what the character goes through, and empathy will be created.

The character needs to be placed in crisis situations so that the inner turmoil can be witnessed, felt and then seen resolved. The resolution will fit the character, and may not necessarily be the noble thing to do. However, you can still have your audience empathetic towards the character.

If the thought processes and actions are clearly described in a way that will invoke emotion, so the reader can feel their decision making process, they will understand where your character is coming from. This will enable the reader to imagine themselves in that same situation, even if it completely outside of their own experience.

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