Who Were The Characters In Little Women?


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Little Women tells the story of four sisters, Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy who mushrooming in New England during the time of the Civil War. They live alone with their mother as their father has gone off to war. Other important characters include Marmee (their mother), Laurie Laurence (the boy next door), Frederick Bhaer (a respected professor) and Aunt March (the girls' rich and widowed aunt)

The main character Jo March is based on the writer herself. Tomboyish Jo is by far the best and most developed character in the book with her quick tongue, unpolished impulsive and gawky nature. She has an intense love for literature and wishes to become a writer.

Meg March is the oldest of the sisters and is practical gentle, responsible and kind. Her love of luxury and leisure is her only flaw in an otherwise perfect loving homemaker image.
Beth is the quiet and virtuous one who continuously tries to please others and almost comes off as saintly.
Amy March, the youngest is something of an annoying little brat in the beginning who is given to fits of temper and vanity, though she does try to improve herself.

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Yes, it's Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March.

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