Who Are The Main Characters In "The Woman In White"?


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Walter Hartwright is a young artist who finds work as a drawing tutor to a wealthy young woman, Laura Fairlie, who lives with her invalid uncle and beloved half-sister, Marian Halcombe. Walter and Laura fall in love, but as she is already betrothed to a local landowner, Sir Percival Glyde, he has to leave her. Much later, he hears that Laura, now lady Glyde, is dead. He visits her grave, and looks up to see Laura and Marian watching him. It turns out that the villainous Percival put Laura into a lunatic asylum under the name of Ann Catherick, the mentally unstable "woman in white" whom Walter has met before, who resembled Laura and who knew a "secret" about Percival. Ann then died, and it is she who is buried in the grave. Marian rescued Laura from the asylum; the sisters and Walter now live together, and Walter finds the "secret:" Percival is illegitimate and thus has no claim to his property. After a series of struggles with Percival and his sinister friend Count Fosco, Percival dies, Walter and Laura marry and Marian lives with them.
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"The Woman in White' is a novel that was written in 1859 by

Collins. The novel tells the story about a woman who is betrayed by her own sister and husband. The main characters of the novel are:

  • Walter Hartright
  • Frederick Fairlie
  • Laura Fairlie
  • Marian Halcombe
  • Anne Catherick
  • Mrs Catherick
  • Sir Percival Glyde
  • Count Fosco
  • Countess Fosco
  • Professor Pesca

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