Who Are The Main Characters In The Book "The Report Card"?


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The Report Card is a book written by Andrew Clements and the main characters of this book are as follow:
  • Nora Rose Rowley
  • Stephen
  • Ms. Byrne
  • Ms. Noyes
  • Ms. Zhang
  • Ms. Prill
  • Mrs. Card
  • Mr. McKay

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The Report Card is a different kind of a novel written by Andrew Clements. It is different because it discusses a rare problem faced by kids which is not taken seriously by parents and teachers. This book was published in the year 2004.

The whole story actually revolves around the main character Nora Rose Rowley. She is a girl who studies in 5th grade. Rest of the characters are as follows:

- Ms. Byrne: Librarian at the school where Nora studies.
- Stephen: The only best friend Nora has.
- Mrs. Zhang: Mathematics and Science teacher at school
- Ms. Prill: Art teacher at school
- Ms. McKay: Gym or PE teacher at school.
- Ms. Noyes: Teacher for Social studies and English
- Mrs. Card: Music teacher at school
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Is nora the main character in The Report Card
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Whole character in the book the report card?

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