Write A Character Sketch Of The Woman Depicted In The Poem "Woman Work" By Maya Angelou.


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The poetess Maya Angelou has presented the picture of a traditional house-woman. Almost every house wife remains busy in doing her domestic work. She has many duties to perform every day without any break. She is very hardworking and responsible and does her daily work without any complaint.

She looks after her children and keeps them neat and dry. She dresses them properly. She also mends and irons the clothes of her family. She sweeps and mops the floor of her house and keeps it clean and tidy. She buys food from the market and cooks it for the family and the guests. This common house woman feels over-burdened by continuous daily routine. She is tired of this difficult and trouble-some life. She wants to have an interval in her constant labour.

She has a desire to participate in all the healthy activities of a full life. She wishes to enjoy the beauty and company of nature. She longs for the blessings of sunshine, rain, snow and wind to derive energy and inspiration. She wants to change her dull and boring life into a charming and thrilling adventure.

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