The Story In Maya Angelou's "Woman Work" Is The Story Of Every Household Lady" Do You Agree?


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"Woman Work" by Maya Angelou is the story of the women of all over the world. It tells us about the duties of women which she has to attend in their homes. They perform dull drab, and extremely uninspiring and boring tasks for the good of their family. In majority of the cases these are thankless tasks performed by uncomplaining and dutiful women. The fact of the matter is that they perform such chores to make the lives of their dear ones less burdensome and more enjoyable.

But even these uncomplaining persons, at times do feel the necessity of finding some respite from their tiring tasks, and do crave for some sort of diversion and relief from the boredom of routine.

But despite the face that they have been exposed to such depressing duties, they some time think of forgetting all about her dull routine and enjoy the beauties of nature by looking at the snow-flakes, dew-drops and big drops of rain falling on the leaves of trees and petals of flowers. With this interesting the joys and pleasures of life, a person is sure to retain his grip on sanity.

The women of all over the world yearn for such common and inexpensive pleasures of life as the sunshine, the fall of snow and wafts of wind which enable her to "float across the sky". In this way they will also be regaining her strength to be better able to cope with the difficult and unsavory situations in life. Her mental health is necessary for her survival and for a greater enjoyment of conveniences and comforts of life by her dependents and friends.

To conclude, it is stated that these pleasures are the only things which they "can call their own" and which can relieve her of the jarring effect that is produced by too much application to domestic duties.
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It is correct to say that the story in Maya Angelou's "Woman Work" is the story of every household lady. A normal household lady feels at times that time is sleeping through her fingers very fast and her life is being passed in the promoting of the same dull and colorless routine of life. The time of this realization is very serious and it makes her sad at heart. She begins to feel that she is wasting her life in cooking food, bathing and clothing children, cleaning the floor, attending to her guests, looking after her babies and all that. That is the time when she needs a reassurance that she is a "thinking" and "feeling" human being and not only a "machine".

This reassurance can be given to her by the elements of nature that lie all around him. The sun with its shine, the moon with its glow, the stars with its twinkle, the ocean with its vastness, the sky with its loftiness, the wind with its force all these elements can help her realize her dream of life with their particular specialties. These can give a "touch of joy and poetry" so to speak to her otherwise ordinary, common and "prosaic" life.

So we find that the story of the woman as given by Maya Angelou in "Woman Work" is the story of not an individual lady but of all the house-hold ladies in general. All of them need that reassurance of their "selves" as "thinking" and "feeling" human beings when their dull and boring routine of every-day household activities has almost made them or turned them into lifeless machines.
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For all intensive purposes she's referring to all women, but in her poem "Woman Work", she's describing the labor of a destitute African American slave, you must not be blinded to the history of house Negroes. When she states at the end of her poem "Sun, rain, curving sky
Mountain, oceans, leaf and stone
Star shine, moon glow
You're all that I can call my own.
She's speaking of a people who were treated worse than animals, who weren't considered human, yet beast. A people stripped of their roots, and robbed of their souls, and abused mentally to believe they were an inferior race. So, when she states that the sun, rain, and curving sky was all that she could call her own. It's because she was in a foreign place and position and knew nothing else; but she believed in a higher authority who owns and created the universe and if indeed she was a child of God. Then everything in the universe is hers too.
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No doubt, the story in Maya Angelou's poem "Woman Work" is the story of every household lady. Women all over the work have to attend to numerous dull, drab and extremely uninspiring and boring tasks in their homes. In most of the cases these are thankless tasks performed by uncomplaining and dutiful women. It is the reality of life of every woman.
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In the eyes of he man of all man I do believe that that is true.. So 4 all you haters out there stop hateimg on ALL the hard working mohers!!!

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