Why Did Maya Angelou Write Million Man March Poem?


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Maya Angelou wrote "Million Man March Poem" because of the segregation during her life time. Her goal, the same as many others, was to get African Americans the rights, social status, and respect that they deserved as long as they had earned it. Just like many many white people we can sit around, watching TV and eating, eventually becoming lazy and slug like and quiting our jobs. So basically why should we  (whites)  be treated with more respect than African Americans who work their butt off trying to make a living for their families? I mean honestly? So people who sit around doing nothing should be treated exactly the same as any other races who do the same, but don't forget in every race and religion there is the slug, and the awesome kick butt buisness man, who dabbles in ninja skills (; So in summary this is what Maya Angelou was trying to get across in her poem-----DANG now I'll go use this is my project
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Because she wanted to get rid of slavery back in america 1930s....I think so I'm not sure
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