What Is The Character List For Year Of Impossible Goodbyes?


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Main Characters:

-Sookan (little girl narrator)
-Inchun (sookan's timid younger brother)
-Aunt Tiger (the children's aunt)
-Grandfather (the grandfather of Sookan and Inchun)
-The mother of Sookan and Inchun
-Kisa (a family friend and worker at the mother's sock factory)
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There is a little brother named Inchun; Aunt Tiger who they are very close to; Grandfather, who gets along well with Inchun and his sister; Kisa who is a family friend; their father; three brothers, Hanchun, Jaechun, Hyunchun and the main characters nick name from inchun is Nuna, and her official name is Sookan

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