Do You Have Sample Letters For Character Reference To A Judge?


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The internet has some wonderful options. Visit and you will find a free downloadable template for a character reference letter. You will even have a couple of options to choose from. Even if you find one template it will give you an idea of what most reference letters have and you can choose to write what is appropriate for a judge and your situation.
The key to any sample letter for a character reference whether it goes to a judge or not is to make it look professional. The sample letter from will show you where to put your name and contract information, as well as other contact information if necessary.
You should address the judge if you know their name otherwise use the typical salutation of "to whom it may concern.” Below this section consider rewriting what the template had using some of the same words, but for the situation you are writing the letter for. For example, if you are writing the character reference because the person is trying to get custody of their child consider what makes a good parent and whether this person has those qualities. If you do not think you can write the letter honestly you should decline being a character reference.
Once you have a solid paragraph end with a positive statement such as this person will succeed in any endeavour or I truly believe this individual etc. The point is you need to show your support in one summation sentence based on what you provided in the letter.
At the end put sincerely, leave a space and then type your name. Print the document off and sign it. If you do not use office there are other character reference templates you can find such as through Google Images.
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Hi Mark, that you're reliable, that you did the job well, that you got on well with people, that the company or person was happy with whatever you were doing for them. Be aware that Character Reference Letters - whoever writes it, has to be careful and so they are usually brief - there are liable laws.
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Identifying the problem and giving the opportunity to make a positive choice pleading with the judge I'm a single father with full custody I m also employed mon-fri 7:30 am -5pm I also care for my aunt whom is 89 years old which requires majority of my free time
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You can find various samples of character reference for court here:

Note that although a character reference for court is addressed to a judge or magistrate, it is to be given to the person or to the lawyer of the person for whom you are writing the letter.

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