I Need An Example Of A Character Reference Letter As Soon As Possible. Can You Help?


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A character reference is a reference that is requested to find out about the character of a person. This is different to a working reference and you must speak of the character of the person, not the ability to perform a role.

Character references have become increasingly popular as personality is vital for some jobs and you may not be able to see this shine through in an interview or from a working reference.

There are a few points that you should consider when writing a character reference and include these where necessary:
What box would you put the person in? Outgoing, shy, thoughtful etc.
Does this person like to get stuck in and involved?
Does this person shy away from things and keep themselves to themselves?
Reliability, not just in turning up to things but in getting tasks done to timescales and remembering to do things like call or bring something to you etc.
Are their manners good or bad? Do they mean to be rude when they are? Are they sometimes too polite?

Here is a very short example that would need expanding for a thorough character reference:
Conor is an outgoing man with many talents, he is personable, approachable and always there to help. His friendly nature makes him a wonderful person to get along with and he always has a positive attitude towards things. In a way, Colin looks on the bright side and can make the best out of any situation. He is well mannered and polite and is a joy to be around.

This is a short example but if you use this as a base and expand on the points you are giving a reference for then this should be all you'll need. If you do not feel that you can give a good reference, let the person that is asking know that you can't give a reference.
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Dear so and so, my name is_____ _____ and I have known Pastor___ ___ for _years. I would like to vouch for his Character as both a person and a Pastor. He has blessed so many with his remarkable Faith and Enthusiasm in His Christian Walk. He sets a fine example in our community of our saviors love for his Children, and is extremely familiar with Scripture, which he has used effectively for _years. He has inspired many, and won Hearts for the Lord with his patience, Compassion and Service. The things that stand out to me, when I think of his Character, are leadership, kindness,  service, Enthusiasm, Practicality, etc.....insert your own remarks anywhere, this is just an idea, hope it helps.
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I need a character reference letter for a friend, I have known him for nine years he is a good father very responsible and a great person overall. Thank you
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Microsoft websites has templates of all sorts. Might check there.
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Excellent letter. Thank you. I have used this letter several times for 3 other Pastors that needed letters.

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