How Do I Write A Character Reference Letter To The Court Before Sentencing For An Innocent Close Personal Friend?


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We could not find any examples of character reference letters that you could send to the Court on the Internet, as it is not something that someone may publish. However, we did find a basic character reference letter that you can change and adapt or use as guidelines for your own letter.

Begin the letter with 'To whom it may concern', unless you know exactly who you are writing to. If you do, then you must address them accordingly, especially if they are a judge. You must then open with the purpose of your letter, state who it is for and, if you wish, how long you have known them.

Then go on to explain your friend's character, perhaps with references to particular events in high school, college or later life in their job where they did something good. Be sure to emphasise their good qualities, but keep this in moderation.

Finish off your letter with a sort of summary, rounding up the main point all everything you have mentioned previously in your letter. You must let them know that you believe they are innocent but this won't be enough, you must also tell the Court why you think that and if you have any evidence to back this up.

This is just a rough guideline that you can use. The full character reference letter is at this website: Use this to gain ideas for your own letter.

It is extremely important that everything in your letter is true and that there isn't even the slightest little fib, white lie or exaggeration because you may be asked to swear on it in the Court and if you are found to be lying, you will be guilty or perjury and your letter will be useless in helping your friend.
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My Nephew is being sentenced today and I want to address the judge on understanding the severity of his crime, but how he is remorseful and accepts the responsibility for his actions. He has accepted The Lord Jesus Christ into his life and he is a devoted, loving Father to his two young children. I want to ask for leniency.
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My friend of 27 years is in need of a character reference letter to court for sentencing.
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This is a very interesting story. It depends in your country criminal law but in our place, anyone of authority can vouch for a jailed person in order to be released - <a href="">Free Essays</a>
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My friend was arrested in dec 27, 2009 , he has charged with rape and physical assault.  The investigation has been completed and found him inocent of rape and the other charges but the prosecutor made him a deal to expedite his release he had to pleat guilty of domestic violencia.  His lawyer ask all his freinds to write a recommedation letter.
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You need to list all the things that he has done that show what a good citizen he is.
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Here is an exampleof a court character reference letter, which you could adapt to your needs. It's important that everything you say is true, as you could be asked to swear to it. Good luck to you and your friend.

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