What Kind Of Character Reference Letter Do I Write For A Friend In Child Custody Hearing?


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I am the father of my daughter, I have joint custody of my daughter right now.. The mother of my daughter decided that she wanted me to have joint custody of my daughter which was totally her idea. Because she is mad right now at me now she wants to go back to court to get full custody. I am not asking for full custody. I just want to have visitation rights to spend quality time with my daughter. I am currently struggling to provide for myself and also I am a full time student at Essex County College in Newark, NJ. My daughter mother is taking me back to court on March 11, 2010 and also I am taking her back to court on the same date. I am trying to get words to use for a good character letter. I have several people whom are ready, willing and waiting to write a character letter for me. We need to know how to set up the letter to the judge to present in court
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Probably wont help much here anyway as most courts award custody to the mother anyway unless shes unfit or refuses custody then it automatically goes to Dad

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