How Do I Write A Character Reference Letter?


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When you are writing a character reference, you are helping someone potentially get a job or internship. It is important to ask yourself, "If I were pursuing this job, what would I want this letter to say about me?” This is crucial for writing a good character reference, but always be truthful with what you write about the person. If you say things that are not true, or even exaggerate a little, it could harm the person you are writing for. This is because the truth about the person’s character or abilities will usually come out during their interviews, or while at the job.

You want to make the character reference letter formal. Use a normal letter format, and start with "To Whom It May Concern:” or "Dear (insert name:)” if you know who you are writing to. The body of the letter should highlight the positive aspects of the person you are writing for. You want to mention how long you have known the person in the first paragraph. Also mention how you know the person. Have you worked with them? Perhaps you have known them since childhood. Either way, make sure to establish the connection. Next, list the positive characteristics of the person’s personality. Also include any skills they have, and why you think they would be a good employee for the position. For example, "Sarah is highly organized, punctual, and loves helping others. She is also a skilled writer, and is an expert at creating databases.” Next, make sure you make it clear that you are recommending the person for the position. Write something such as, "Sarah would be a great employee for this position. She would be a wonderful addition to your company.” Obviously, you can rephrase this to fit the position and organization the person would be working for. Keep in mind that the employer wants to know why the person would be good for their organization, and if they are capable of performing their job well.
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A character reference letter does not pertain to an economic relationship. It is written less formally and is highly personalized. Moreover these letters are also straightforward. It normally describes the applicant's positive personal attributes. Here is a link to find out sample letters:
sample letters
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A Reference letter is one of the most important things in a student's portfolio. It could become the basis for acceptance and rejection of a student. There are a number of things that you should consider while writing it. It is important that you discuss the student's personality as well as his/her educational capabilities. Here are a few guidelines:

- Start with how you came to know the student and for how long.

- Try to set out with the exceptional qualities of the student that set him/her apart from his peers. It is better to list the exceptional qualities which are related to his subject or whatever he/she wants to study ahead.

- Refer to his/her prior experience, academic and non-academic achievements.

- Omit any weaknesses.

- You must also make mention of your own qualifications but very briefly. It is important for the letter's creditworthiness.

- Emphasize on qualities such as team play, social skills, judgment, reliability, analytical ability, communication and interpersonal skills etc.

- Include your complete contact information

- End with strong but meaningful words.

- Proofread for any mistakes.
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A sample reference letter
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Usually these arent read so probably wont do much good or at least not as good as showing up in person on his sentencing date
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In a Reference letter, the writer is supposed to write about the person who he is recommending. If you are writing a Reference letter about someone you know, you can write why you are recommending someone, what makes the person qualify for the job and what skills someone has.

After the salutation, in the first paragraph, it is written how you know a particular person and how qualified are you to be writing a reference letter for them. After this, provide the details about the person you’re writing the letter for. You have to mention why you think someone is qualified for a job and how they’re going to contribute if given the position. At the end of the letter, it should be mentioned that you highly recommend the person and that you’re open for any more questions. Provide your contact details at the end.

While writing a Reference letter, the writers should keep the CV and a copy of job posting with them so that it is easier to write about someone positively.

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Well Depend how is you boyfriend if he is good then give court good character reference tell them about his good actions to people and helping other people and take care of their parents and relative etc

if he is bad don't even think about give him any good reference because if you do and he do something wrong in future Cops is going to come to you and make your life difficult.

Hope this will help!!!!

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