How Do I Write A Reference Letter To A Social Worker For A Friend?


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I want to write a testimonial letter to one sister for the social service job
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You must have been asked to do so I assume. A social worker must mean a child involved issue I sapose? First thing I suggest is do not sign anything stating the opposite of something they have real evidence to. You would start maybe by saying I am ______ I am writing this today on behalf of______. I would like to bring to light some of my observations when it comes to______'s behavior,parenting, demeanor, nature. It has been my experience that when interacting with______'s children they have a really close relationship. Blah blah blah so on and so forth. You can only speak of your experience or what you have witnesses. Maybe you could ad weather or not that person could be trusted with your children or not. How much or how long you would trust them with your children. Be careful not to tell them that you have left your children with them for 8 weeks, especially if they are suspected of selling crack out of their nursery. I hope I helped a little bit. If your statement is intended to go to court you will have to swear to it under the penalties of purjury. Make sure in the beginning to state who you are by name and age. What relationship you have with either your friend or their children, spouse, parents or whomever the ordeal is about. How long you have known the person, how you know them , and how your statement can be known as reliable.

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