Character reference letter for church member?


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Devising a character reference letter is a significant factor of many aspects of life. This can include job applications, housing applications and even adoption applications. It is very simple to create a character reference for an employee, friend, relative or church member. The letter must include:

  • Basic information of the person
  • Activities the person has or is involved in
  • Personal comments
It is best to start the character reference letter with an explanation of why you are writing the letter. Something along the lines of: "I am writing to provide a character reference for "name of person", whom I have known since "period of time" since my capacity as pastor/vicar/priest at "church name". This includes the basic information of the church, the church member's name, the length of time the person has attended the church and the name of the church.

The next paragraph of the character reference letter should include the activities the church member partakes in. This can include youth ministries, leadership programs, group memberships and volunteering programs. You should note how many times a week, month or year the individual participates in the activities and what he or she does.

Personal comments should include personality traits of the person such as assertiveness, enthusiasm, friendliness and dedication. You should also say what he or she brings to the congregation. For example, he or she is a good role model for the young and has a good relationship with God.

The letter should end on a positive note and should conclude that the person has a good character and is a credit to the congregation.

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