Can I Get Help On Writing A Letter About My Nephew?


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Yes, you can get help with writing a letter about your Nephew. In fact, you can get help writing a letter about anyone or anything. There are a number of websites, which can help with letter writing, whether personal or business related. One of these websites is This website has a number of sample letters that can be used as templates, covering a variety of subjects. Some examples of letters that are available on this website include character reference letters, letter of personal reference and a thank you letter. All three of these examples could be used to assist in writing a letter about your nephew. A character reference letter could be used if you were providing a reference for your nephew; for a job interview, an apprenticeship or a letter to the court describing his character. A letter of personal reference could be used for all of the above, as well as providing information about him that may be useful for banks and other financial institutions when considering him for a loan or mortgage. A thank you letter could be written about your Nephew to mark a specific achievement he has undertaken on someone else's behalf. There are other websites that provide useful tips on how to write formal letters. An example is  This website is easy to navigate and features useful sections on the layout of a formal letter, the rules of writing a formal letter, what content should be in a formal letter and abbreviations that can be used. There are also examples of a covering letter and a letter of enquiry. The website also has a useful forum with editing and writing tips for literature, CVs and applications which could be useful when writing letters about anyone, including your Nephew.
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It should be the truth to begin with. You might want to take into consideration whether he has done things in the community to help people, is he polite, has he always been prompt, thoughtful, what are the grades that he had in the past, and what can he do to benefit the school that he is wanting to get into? Just some of the things that you might want to mention about his character. Hope this helps, good luck.
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mark reynolds answered
It should be truthful, and very formal. Tell them what your nephew has done to your community and include the strength of your nephew.

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