I Want To Write A Letter Requesting A Cleaning Contract. Can You Help?


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When applying for a contract, the mode of communicating your offer, ability and service should be considered with a lot of caution as it determines the chances of winning the award. Writing a cleaning contract letter follows the basic guidelines for contract letter writing.

Consider the terms included in the agreement to keep focus on the goal and avoid confusion. The terms may be unique to the company you are applying to thus proper phrasing and terminology should be kept in mind.

The structure of application is also to be valued since for instance one may use a structured form to avoid missing or overlooking some pertinent details.

A uniform contract format guide may be of much assistance in such a case. As such, acknowledge the parties or party involved in the contract. Their full and legal names should be used. If nicknames are used latter in the document, they should be indicated at the start with preference made to one of them. The date should be clear and legible with room for signatures for both parties. The letter aims at relaying the information concisely such that there is no room for misinterpretations. This implies that simple and direct language is to be used with the main points being put to paper first. Organization is key in this form of writing thus the letter would normally start with an introduction, an expression of interest followed by supporting factors. The factors would show your party’s strength towards delivery of the contract under negotiation. Concise briefs would normally follow this on the ideals set out by the contract as relates to the companies ability.

Speed-reading is to be avoided at all costs, as chances of misinterpretation would be increased. The language used in the letter should be kept simple and clear in view of the parties to be involved. In essence, difficult jargons associated with legality of issues are to be avoided especially if lawyers are not involved in the agreement.

Finally, an understanding of the company one is writing to would offer a better chance of success. This implies that when drafting this letter; put yourself in the shoes of the company and take the most appealing approach towards the company and their needs while at the same time attempting to meet your anticipated financial expectations.
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Write your letter introducing your company, telling them how long you have been in business, quote the names of some of your current clients, and ask if they are looking to change their cleaning company in the near future. Ask them to contact you for your rate card, and ask them to keep your details on file for future reference.
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I want to write a letter requesting a cleaning contract
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