I Want To Write A Letter To Canara Bank For Changing My Address, Can You Give Me A Sample Letter?


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Moe Pence answered
To: (Bank name)
       Bank Address
ReChange of Address Request
To Whom It May Concern:
I have recently changed my home address from:  (your old address), to: (your new address), and would like to advise the bank of this information, which will be effective (date address is actually changed, or immediately, if it already has been). 
My bank account number is:  (your bank account #)
That is the information that you will have to provide to your bank, and when you sign it at the bottom, make sure you put your new (or same) telephone number under your name so they can contact you to verify the information.  You may also have to appear at the bank with personal identification (your bank book and any other forms, like a drivers license) to show them that it is actually you, and not someone posing as you to steal your identification and bank records.
Hope that helped you out!
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jessica nix answered
You don't have to write to the bank. You can ask your mailman or the post office for a change of address form. It will automatically be sent to the p.o. And all the mail that is sent to you will be transferred to your new address.

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