How Do I Write An Appeal Letter To Admission Office To Reconsider My Application? Can You Give Me A Sample Letter?


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  • Get some feedback:
Before you begin writing your appeal letter you should contact the college/university/company you applied to and ask for some feedback. You need to know why you were rejected in the first place and it will also give you a contact to send your appeal letter to.

Once you have been given your feedback, write it all down and write down how you have or will overcome this. You may have been told you do not have enough experience so go out and get some work experience in a related field. You may have been told you are lacking certain skills so enroll onto a course to improve these skills.

You may have been told you are too young so emphasis how mature you are and show some examples to prove it. Whatever the reason you were rejected, make sure you have a valid argument to show that the reason for rejection is not valid.
Once you have all of your strong, valid arguments you are ready to begin writing your appeal letter.

  • Writing your appeal letter:
Type your letter on a computer in a formal business style. Place your address in the top right hand corner and address of the person who is receiving it below but on the left hand side followed by the date and the name of the person it is intended for.
Introduce yourself in the first paragraph and explain that you are writing in the hope that they will reconsider your application. In the second and third paragraphs you should give the reasons as to why you were initially rejected and give the examples of how you have overcome them.

A good website to find examples of all kinds of letters is Here is an example of a college admission appeal letter whereby a student has failed the entrance exam but passed when they did it again two months later.
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Dear Sir:May I request your kind office to reconsider the application of my son in you College of Architecture. He took your qualifying examination but unfortunately he did not make it maybe due to too much eagerness and pressure brought about by his intense desire to be taken in.Ever since he was a child it is his ardent desire to be a great Architect someday 
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How do I write an appeal letter to admission office to reconsider my application to university. Can you give me a sample letter?
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Education plan of reconsideration

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