A Sample Letter Of Recommendation To The Home Office Unbehalf Of Husband To Stay With Me And His Children In U.k?


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I am not sure which department of the Home Office you would need to contact or send your letter of recommendation to. Click on the following link and you will be directed to the Home Office contact page: http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/contact-us. Pick the option that applies to you the most and follow the instructions from there to find out the address of where you need to send the letter.

Below is a list of steps to follow on how to write a good letter of recommendation for your husband.

• To write the type of letter you are talking about in your question, you may need quite a bit of information so ask your husband for a copy of this such as their resume or CV, a list of their qualifications etc. Also ask them for a list of points that they would like you to emphasize in your letter.
• Next find out if there are any special forms that you need to fill in, or any procedures that you need to go through.
• Start your letter with your name, position and your husband's name and position. State your relationship and how long you have known him. This will show that you are able to accurately evaluate that person.
• Continue your letter by writing about your husband's best skills or qualities, also provide examples where these have been demonstrated. In the case of the letter you are writing you should write about how good a father your husband is, with examples, and explain why you think he should be allowed to stay with you.
• Your letter should finish with an assessment of your husband, and their suitability for staying with you. Make sure that your language appears strong, confident and sincere.
• Finish off with your personal contact information and an offer to answer any follow up questions that may arise. Print your full name, sign it and date.

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