Teacher Of The Year Letter Of Recommendation, What To Say In Letter?


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Writing letters of recommendation need not be a difficult task. You should make sure to use formal but friendly language, and include all the necessary points, such as noting how dedicated, motivated and hardworking the person is. Including personal and different comments are what will make your recommendation letter stand out to all of the others. If you feel that your colleague has been directly helpful to you, include your own thoughts within the letter after you have completed the professional notes and requirements. Making the letter unique, authentic and heartfelt is very important as it will be memorable and you will find that the personal touch will impress future employers.

The key is making it interesting. If you write a sentence close to ‘they are very hardworking and reliable’, go back and add more details in when you have finished the letter; it could easily be changed to ‘they have always been a hardworking member of our team and can be trusted and relied upon’. Such extra touches are going to make the world of difference.

Employers will have seen many letters of recommendation that have just been built from a sample that can easily be accessed on the Internet, meaning that there’s going to be no distinguishing points of contrast between them. Actually sitting down and writing what comes into your head is much better than religiously planning and making notes! A more personal touch is going to be much more appreciated by your colleague than a normal run of the mill reference, so sharpen your pencil!
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It's best not to use a sample letter for this, it must come from the heart. Give all the information you can - what he or she teaches, subjects, ages etc - and what he or she does that is so special. Describe concrete actions that were especially kind or inspiring, with examples of people that were helped, and mention personal qualities.

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