Can You Help Me Find A Sample Letter To Make A Complaint To My Employer ?


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Chetan Agrawal answered offers you some sample letters that you can send to your employer. One such sample letter can be found below and allows you to enter in your own information. The website also offers you a broad range of information that can be used to help create a letter that is effective, polite and appropriate.

"Name and address
I am writing with reference to (situation or complaint) of (date).
Firstly I apologise ('apologize' in US) for the inconvenience/distress/problems created by our error/failure.
We take great care to ensure that important matters such as this are properly managed/processed/implemented, although due to (give reason - be careful as to how much detail you provide - generally you need only outline the reason broadly), so on this occasion an acceptable standard has clearly not been met/we have clearly not succeeded in meeting your expectations.
In light of this, we have decided to (solution or offer), which we hope will be acceptable to you, and hope also that this will provide a basis for continuing our relationship/your continued custom.
I will call you soon to check that this meets with your approval/Please contact me should you have any further cause for concern.
Yours, etc.”

If you want to write a letter of complaint to your employer, either by using a template like this or through your own means, you should make sure that you remain polite and do not say anything that could provoke too much of an intense debate. Remember that you are talking to the person that pays your wages, and causing too much conflict could land you in even more issues. By remaining polite and appropriate you can ensure that you get the response that you require.
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Well I think the best I can advise you is to keep a silence. I believe the management team have you at heart. All you need is just be consistent and show interest in the work because if you did write the letter to them ,they would begin to imagine this that you are more interested in money than the attitude to work yet their main goal is to see work is driven successfully. Good luck
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I have no interest in working there anymore. I said that I was a formal employee. She lied on me and they kept my bonus I had made. This time her unprofessionalism was done in front of other employees. So I am going to persue this with or without your help.
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When I was writing cover letters for my last job search I came across a handy software that has templates for all kinds of letters. It's called Easy Letters and you can buy it at
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A waste of time! U did not help me at all. Thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I worked for H & R Block, I complained about my supervisor being unfair and discriminative. I follow protocol dealing with the situation. It was passed to the district manager and he promise he would get back with me in 7 to 10 days. It has been days passed that. I am feeling that I am not being taken serious. I am not a priority or a immediate concern. I have been put off long enough and now I think it is time for a more aggressive approach.

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