I Want To Write A Proposal Letter To Lease A Office Space, Which Was Offered For $1.25 To Drop The Price To 90 Please Help Me?


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If you want to have the opportunity to lease office space at $0.90 instead of $1.25 per measurement unit, you need to write a compelling letter which encourages negotiation. Before you consider an office lease, you need to evaluate what the landlord will include in his price to you. For example, you could save money by offering to accept a lease for 12 months instead of six months. Because this allows the landlord to have somebody in his office space for longer than he was expecting, he may lower the price for you.

By talking about your business and writing about how the landlord would benefit from having you as a responsible tenant, they will be likelier to negotiate as they will feel positive about having you in their building. If you do manage to get the office space at the price you want, you need to also ensure that the price will be fixed for the duration of your tenancy. If this is not possible, also make sure that the cost of renting the office space will only rise in line with inflation. If a tenant agrees to work at your price, but removes this offer three months into your agreement, this could leave you in a compromising position.

However, you also need to think about whether your proposal is too unrealistic. If this is the case, you might find it difficult to get office space at the price you want. Think about how much you like the office, if there would be the opportunity to get a first refusal on additional office space, and also consider whether the landlord is relaxed about the purposes you use the rented space for. If your landlord is strict on the usage of your office space, this may impact the growth of your business as you branch out in exciting new ways.
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I've been asking about this and can only speak for the UK, but the general opinion seems to be that you don't have to produce any kind of formal document while you are still at the negotiating stage. The formalities, such as letter of intent, come later. So at this point it should be enough if you simply thank them for the offer and suggest a price of 90 - if they agree, then the formalities begin.
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Better to do this in person or over phone due to time frame and can ask questions immediately and negotiate a deal quicker

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