How To Write A Business Proposal Letter?


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Aproposal letter can mean a business proposal, a marriage proposal or a formal suggestion in any setting. Usually, it refers to either a business proposal letter refers to an offering of business services or products that may be lucrative to recipient while a marriage proposal may be written by those who are lost for words when facing the other party.
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Business proposal letters are the key to win a bid or a business. Here is a link from where you can get the information on how to write one. Have a look:
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This is a sample Proposal Letter
My Darling HannahRE: Proposal for your hand in marriageIt has been my greatest joy to have you come into my life for the past year. You are indeed my sunshine. I am writing this proposal to allow myself to pen my deepest thoughts and feelings for you.It would complete my life to have you as my wife; my lifetime partner who will be at my side to share every moment with me. My love for you grows everyday and I want it to keep growing as we grow old together. Please allow me the opportunity.Attached in this proposal letter is the ring which I have specially chosen for you, to reflect the beauty I see in you and our love. I pledge to you my never ending love and commitment as we share our lives together.If it is a ‘Yes’, please meet me at our favorite park on Saturday at 5pm. I shall be waiting earnestly.With all my love,Teddy
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While writing a Business proposal letter you have to keep in mind that your proposal is competing with many other proposals and it should have the qualities to stand out from the others in order to be noticed and accepted. Some of the things that your letter should reflect are:

First of all communicate in the terminology of your intended audience. It is very important to show and proof your credibility in the letter. You can briefly mention the clients with whom you worked in the past and delivered good results. Mentioning this shows how capable and reliable you are for doing the particular project. You also have to mention the benefits that other people gained from your service and how you expect to benefit the particular client in the future.

This is a proposal letter. It provides an outline of how it should be written, you can modify it according to your needs.

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