How To Write A Business Letter?


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Here is a sample of a business letter
Dear Mr Hodgson,I am writing you this letter to introduce you, as one of our very valued clients, to a new range of washable paints we have just marketed. This innovative product is perfect for any room in your house and most especially when you have pets or small children, as stains just wash away from your paintwork.As a regular stockist of our products , I hope you will help us market our new product by selling it in your stores. For a free sample of our new paint range, please feel free to pass by our industrial outlet whenever it suits you. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from, one for every occasion.Once again, I thank you for your loyal support you have always shown to our company and look forward to seeing you soon.Yours faithfully
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You first put your address in the top right hand corner and then you go
right under that and put the address of the person you are writing to
on the left hand side and then put your letter remember not to use any
slang words like > yo in your business letter write you body of the
letter and then your conclusion and only write sincerely or yours
truely don't use p.s in your letter.
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A business letter is basically written in formal language way, it is commonly used when writing from a particular business organisation to another. They are also a general way of correspondence between associations and their consumers, business letters always have a block format.

Business letters written all over places basically follow this sort of pattern example: The letterhead of the person sending it, his address, date, inside address, starting with a salutation or greeting, followed by the letter content, positive and gracious closing and should end with the signature followed by the printed name and the position or level of the sender.

Some business according to situations may also add the following non-compulsory information like: Reference, other people who will also get a copy of the letter CC (Carbon copy recipients) and last reference initials.
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In typing a personal business letter you need the top margin to be 2 inches which is equivalent to pressing enter 6 times. Put in the return adress hit enter twice then type the adress of the person you are sending it to. you don't indent when you type a business letter . After typing the salutation hit enter twince and hit enter twice after each paragraph. After your closing press enter 4 times and put your name.
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I have a P.C.,and I need to find out were to go,and write a letter,then print..Is their a good learners place to go to and print it?

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