How Do I Write A Letter Head For A Donation To A Business?


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Find out the name of the volunteer coordinator or head of HR for that company. Don't send a "Dear Sir or Madam" letter, or it'll end up in the trash. Be brief and to the point. What type of donation are you seeking? Explain the facts and figures if you have them. Keep it on one page. Be sincere but not gushy. Include your contact information. You might even include a stamped envelope with your address on it, so that they might be persuaded to write a check.
Dear Joe Smith,Did you know 37% of the children in America go to bed hungry each night? It's shocking, isn't it?I'm writing to ask for your help in lowering this number, with the hope that eventually all children (the leaders of our future) will be well nourished. 
Mother Theresa said "If you can't feed 100 people, then feed just one." Can you help? Your donation of $25 would ensure that our community food shelf, with local buying power, could provide enough food for four people for one week.
I've enclosed a stamped, self-addressed envelope for your donation in any amount.
Sincerely,Jane JohnsonPhone:Email: 

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