How Do I Write A Letter Of Donation Of A Service?


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Any letter should be concise, clear, and appropriately polite, as well as showing knowledge of the person or company’s needs or requirements.
Start the letter with your contact address (postal and email) on the right-hand side, followed by the date on which you are writing the letter (which should be written out in full, for example, ‘May 15th, 2011’ rather than ‘15/05/11’).

Try to find out the name of the person you are writing to if possible: Using their name rather than writing ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or ‘To whom this may concern’ shows that you really care about the cause to which you want to donate your time or service.

Your letter’s first line should indicate why you are writing to the person or company; say precisely what service you are offering to donate and why you would like to offer it. This would also be a good time to mention how you heard about the person or company, how you know that they require this service, and what you personally can offer by donating this service.

You can then use the rest of the letter to expand upon your credentials (why are you qualified to offer this service?) and experience (if you have donated a similar service before, you can talk about what you achieved as a result of this and what the person or company you donated the service to was able to gain from it). If appropriate, you can also include your availability, and other contact details such as a telephone number.

Finally, before signing off with "Yours sincerely” (if you don’t know the person’s name) or "Yours faithfully” (if you do), you can include a sign-off line that sounds co-operative, reassuring, professional, and confident, such as "Please do not hesitate to contact me should any further information be required” or "Kind regards”.

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The best advice I've ever heard about writing fundraising letters is: The  key word is YOU. It should be addressed specifically to the person, focussing on what THEY can do to help. So although you can find quite a few samples on the internet, it might be good to start with these general tips for fundraising letters, do a draft and then compare your letter with some of the samples available. If you want to write to Blurtit again with questions about wording, ideas etc for your letter, I'm sure somoeone will be able to help.
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The purpose of this letter is to ask you contribute to a fund that will be used to provide uniforms for our community Youth Basketball Team. Our Budget is limited and can't provide uniforms for our youth.
It would be nice to have everyone unified, then what we have in the past.
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Letter of donation have three basic elements, One is your objective for which you will use donation, how it can help poors, these details should be included in any letter of donation.
Check out this sample letter of donation that can help you to take information about how to right letter of donation so that you can get it easily. This website will serve you and guide you about sample letters. There are number of websites that can provide you letter of donation. You should include your purpose of donation in letter.
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