How to write a requisition letter for certificates of services?


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When writing a requisition letter in order to receive certificates of services, the most basic rules of letter writing must be followed; adhering to basic grammar, punctuation, spelling and layout.

• What is a requisition letter?

These are more commonly referred to as requisition forms and are basically letters in which the individual makes a request. As a printed document, the form can be documented and used as evidence in any circumstances or situations which follow the request so, therefore, must be completed correctly and thoroughly.

• What are certificates of services?

This is an official document that a process server would complete, then present to a court in order to prove that he/she did, in fact, deliver another particular document to its intended recipient.

These certificates are most often found within divorce cases as proof needs to be supplied that the other spouse received notice of the divorce and the summons to attend court and sign the divorce papers.

• Relation between requisition letters and certificates of service

If an individual is uncertain as to whether a particular document was actually delivered, they would only be able to confirm this by viewing the certificate of service. As this is an official document used within a court of law, appropriate steps must be taken.

By making an official request, the letter holds more credibility and it more likely to be taken seriously and the certificate of service will be provided. If the request is too vague or informal, it is unlikely that it will reach the next stage of the appeal as it cannot be understood and followed through.

A certificate of service is a certified document and, consequently, not every member of the general public will be allowed to view them. A requisition letter would be more credible if accompanied by an authorized signature from someone with the ability to view such important files such as a judge or lawyer.

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