How Can I Write A Letter To Church Members To Donate Money For The Church Harvest?


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Writing any sort of letter that is asking for money off people is a delicate task which requires tact. Wording this letter properly in a way that won’t offend anyone needs a balance of etiquette or politeness and effective encouragement so that enough people will respond to your letter.

It is always best to start off your letter with some good news to lift the reader’s spirits. You could take about a church project that has just been completed or a good task that your town’s youth group have undertaken. People who read your letter will be more likely to respond with a donation if they know the money is being put to good uses.

Then you should go onto describe your church’s next project or the goal for which you need donations. You should be completely honest with the readers and tell them what you need the money for, why you need it, how you intend to use their money and what your expected outcomes are. It might be a useful idea to include a personal touch such as why you feel so passionate about raising money for the church harvest.

Then you come to the tricky part of listing suggested donations. Don’t be afraid to put the true amount that you need because if undersell it you won’t get enough money. Include different options that the readers can pay by such as online donations or monthly payments, this will help to reach a wider audience.

Remind your readers of the past successes of the church’s projects and events and thank them for being a part of them in the past. If you feel like it, you can also add a PS with a little cheerful note reminding readers of an event going on in the parish.

Include a prepaid envelope in your letter so that people can donate money straight away if you wish. You might also want to include a small token such as a bookmark or fridge magnet to remind people to donate.
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Put it in the flyer that is handed out at the beginning of the service, and say we are gladly excepting donations so we can have a church harvest for the members of the church. Something like .that  would get them to donate. Everyone loves the church  harvest.
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One of the best ways is to write the congregation a letter, and either send it by e-mail or "snail mail".  To help you get started, there is a website at .  There are a few free sample letters, and it is also a membership website.  After going to the site, visit the category that is titled "Church Donation Letters".   You can then just copy the letter, and modify it a little bit to send out.  

When asking for help for the Church Harvest, just be sure to be courteous, yet challenging in your request.  People often rise to the challenge when presented.  A need like this can be presented in such a positive way.  Be sure to give them clear instructions on how to give, and where to send or give the gift.
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To all members of this congregation, we will be having a harvest feast. To make this feast a success we are asking all members if they can, to donate money toward this events.

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