How do you write a letter to a family court judge as a grandparent requesting custody of grandchild?


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Arthur Wright answered
You don't and remember as a Grandparent, you have no rights here. First you would need to contact Social Service Childrens Welfare Dept and report the child abuse or whatever and they will investigate and probably take the baby away while this goes in front of a Judge for temporary custody. Mow while filing the complaint you can tell the Social worker that you want temporary custody for now and full custody later on. They will advise the Judge of this and with any lick he will agree giving you temporary custody til a later date. Not easy but its the legal way to do this. Now if Child Welfare doesnt find anything wrong with the babys parents, nothing will happen and baby stays right where he/she is, so you have nothing to lose here but to just do it, Good luck

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