How To Write A Letter Requesting A Hearing For A Judge?


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Go online to Microsoft or do a search in a search engine to find a template. The following is a step by step process in how you can use a template to write a letter of request for a hearing to a judge.

* First determine what type of hearing you want to have. Obviously your situation will determine that answer pretty easily. Since there are different types of hearings you do have to have a template that will cover your specific issue. It will be easier to rewrite the content and make your letter sound just as official.

* During your online search for a template make certain you use the appropriate keywords such as request letter appeal hearing. It will help you get closer to the type of template you seek. Microsoft is a great place to get request letter templates for all types of things, so if you cannot find an exact match consider what templates they may have for Word.

* After the template is downloaded you will need to examine what information needs to be changed. You should change your name and information, as well as the person that is receiving the letter. The address and personal information is a good place to start making changes.

* The body of the letter can remain similar, but you should put in some personal information to make it more personal. You have a situation and that is why you need to request a hearing so make certain the information is clear, concise, and within the law. If you quote a specific case that could help you with your request it might help.

* Type your name, print, and then sign it.

This is the best way to write the letter if you have never done one before.

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