How Do I Write A Letter On My Mac Computer?


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It is fairly simple to write a letter on a Mac computer. Firstly for a simple blank page you can use the in-built program called Text Edit. To find Text Edit you need to head into your applications folder which is marked with an A. When you find the program called Text Edit click on it. It will then open a blank page which you can start to compose your letter on.

You may also have Microsoft Word if you loaded it onto your computer. This again will be found in the applications section if it is not on your dashboard on the bottom of your screen. It will be a blue W symbol. If you do own this; click on it and you can use this for a few extra options over the simple Text Edit program.

When writing an official letter, you need to get the layout correct. The best way is to follow the MLA guidelines. This means having the date at the very top aligned to the right. Then press the space bar twice; include the address of the person you are sending it to. Once more press the space bar twice and align back to the left

To start any formal letter you need an appropriate greeting. The best for a letter such as this is to address the person as ‘Dear’ and then put their full name.  Finally, you should finish your letter with a formal sign off, such as ‘Sincerely’ and then your full name.
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For typing an uncomplicated letter with no graphics, you can use the TextEdit application that comes with the Mac, or you can use another word processor of your choice. NeoOffice is a free application you can download that includes a full-featured word processor.

Open the Applications folder, double-click on TextEdit. Type the text of your letter in the window. Format fonts, text size, spacing, and margins the way you want, then print. Formatting and printing can be accomplished using the menus provided.
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I've bought a makbook a few weeks ago and it's a completely different experience. I mostly like it but sometimes it gets quite har to find some software. Like looking for a proper vpn for mac took me about an hour which really is a lot of time for such a simple task.

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Write email instead.

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Hey there. It is quite simple with modern application. You can find a lot of guides and tutorials in internet, for example on Youtube. I think better will be to focus on content. For example check this letter to the queen, in my opinion it is quite interesting!

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You likely need Microsoft Word for Windows which may not have come on your system pre-installed.
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Microsoft's marketing department has worked their magic on you. "Word for Windows" is not necessary.

A Mac comes with a suitable text editor, and there is at least one good Microsoft Word work-alike editor available for free for a Mac.

It is way more work than necessary to install Windows and Word for Windows on a Mac just to write letters. Microsoft makes "Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Home and Student Edition" just for Mac computers, if you feel you can't live without it.

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