How To Write A Letter On My Computer?


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The best way to write a letter on your computer is to use a word processor that may or may not be already set up on your computer. Check to see if any word processors have been installed such as Microsoft Office and WordPerfect. The majority of computers do provide one of these word processing programs, however if you discover that your computer does not have them then you can purchase them or download and install Open Office which is a free program.

The advantage of using a word processor is the fact that it can give you so many different ways to format a letter as well as the ability to make sure your spelling and grammar is correct. In addition, you have the option of using a template for your letter. This is very helpful as it will format and create a layout for your letter, for example it will put your name and address in the correct space as well as making room for the body of the letter. All you have to do is simply fill in the sections in your own time. Word processors offer variety when it comes to letter writing as there are a number of different templates you can choose from, depending on what type of letter you are writing. It can help you form a letter enquiring about a job, a formal correspondence, or a personal letter to a friend or family member.
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If you have a version of Windows Operating System 98/ 2000 / XP / VISTA you can use it's basic word processor "Wordpad" or maybe you have MS WORD installed which is the professional version. Go to START, click PROGRAMS, then look for ACCESSORIES, and then WORDPAD. Or MS WORD 2003 / 2007, etc.... Then double click on that program. Easy.
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You can write a letter into Notepad, word pad and Microsoft word. You can open anyone whatsoever you want.
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Where do i find notepad, word pad or microsoft word, remember i am very computer illeterate (obviously)

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