How to write a support letter for a family members release from prison?


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If you have a family member in prison or know someone who does, writing a support letter may have some influence on parole board members who have a say in whether they are released or not. There are certain things that need to be mentioned in such a letter to give the person a better chance. Some of those things that should be mentioned are:
  • Planned housing for the family member
  • Planned employment options
  • Family activities that will help to support a lifestyle change for the family membership

Not being able to secure a job and make a living is one of the main reasons a convict will offend again and be returned to prison. If you can demonstrate that you have a job that will return the person to being a contributing member of society that will go a long way in the minds of officials. If you can also show that you have a place where the family member can live after they are released from prison and possibly a halfway house, that will also go a long way in their minds. A place that is away from any temptations is also very important in the minds of parole board members.

One of the biggest worries that people who decide on inmate release have is the environment the prisoner will be released into. If you can demonstrate that you have a support network such as a church group that is going to actively help the person acclimate back into society, that will definitely help them in the eyes of the parole board. You can make a difference in whether or not a family member is released from prison if you use good common sense and reason to show that there is a plan to return your family member to a productive lifestyle that will benefit society.

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