What Famous Novel Takes Place Over The Course Of A Single Day, June 16, 1904?


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The famous novel that took place over the period of a single day, June 16, 1904 is entitled Ulysses. It was written by the Irish author James Joyce. The novel was written and released in the year 1922.

The main character of the novel Ulysses was Leopold Bloom. The title of the book, Ulysses, itself alludes to the book which was entitled Odyssey, which was written by Homer. Ulysses was, in fact, the Latinised translation of the English title of the book which was written by Homer, which was entitled Ulysses.

In fact, there are many parallels between the two books, namely Joyce's Ulysses and Homer's Odyssey. June 16, is in fact, celebrated by the admirers of the author James Joyce as Bloomsday. Ulysses is a large novel, which has over 250, 000 words. It is one of the most popular novels of all time which was written in the English language.
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Please don't take offense at this, Aki, but I wouldn't call ULYSSES "popular." It was named the greatest novel of the 20th century by the American Library Association a few years ago. But how many people have actually read it - or re-read it? (Even though I think it demands re-reading.) It's more a novel that people study and appreciate, rather than one they take to heart.

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