How Do You Draw A Bodybuilder?


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Daisy Sarma answered
Drawing is an art, and drawing any figure is a skill. Everyone of us has different physical elements that make us unique from other people. Some of us may have a slim build, some may be muscular; some may have a moustache while some may be clean shaven. While drawing a figure, it is essential to be able to capture the elements of the figure that stand out.

Therefore, it would not be too difficult to draw a bodybuilder, provided you are able to highlight the essential features of the person. In the case of the bodybuilder, therefore, it is essential to be able to capture the defined shape of the body and the bulging muscles.

While drawing, it is good practice to be able to retain as much of similarity with the subject as possible. From this point of view, in order to be able to properly draw a bodybuilder, make sure you bring out the muscle definition on the body. Unless you are drawing a caricature, stick to the original style as well.

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