How To Draw An Old Tree?


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How you draw an old tree would basically depend on your imagination. Drawing is a form of ones expression. The final product is usually an outcome of a person's thoughts.
As a first step, you can look around at trees. You want to draw an old one, so your focus should that. Select a medium on which you want to draw and type of colors you want to use. Once you have all you tools with you, you can start with the drawing.

Usually, what I do at this stage is clear my mind and think of what I want to draw. You got your facts about old trees by observing real trees. Now is the time you let your imagination take control to create a piece that would be unique to you.

Thinking of an old tree, what comes to my mind is big, brown and knobby. You can draw a big fat trunk in shade of brown, using black to highlight certain areas. You can use concentric ovals to illustrate knots and twists in the trunk. It may have large roots sticking out of the ground. As an added touch, you may show a squirrel hole. Since it is old, I am imagining it would have a lot of leaves spreading on big strong branches. You may decide to leave the branches bare altogether. In either case, the branches should be strong and well defined.

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