How To Draw An FBI Badge?


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How To Draw A Fbi Badge?

Drawing an FBI badge can be a tricky job, but it is easy once you know how it is done. Below is a video tutorial on drawing police badges – once you have the basics down, you can make some adjustments to have it looking just like an FBI badge.

Getting Started

You will want to start out with a soft pencil, paper and a rule. Remember, precision is important if you want a realistic looking badge.

The Eagle

The trickiest part of drawing an FBI badge is the eagle, which is stationed at the very top of the shield. You can make this eagle as detailed or as simple as you like.

The Shield

The FBI has a very distinctly-shaped shield on its badge – it is perhaps the reason most people recognize this badge when it is shown to them. Align both sides of the shield perfectly or you could have a lopsided badge.

If you don’t want to draw the FBI badge by hand, you can use the Badge Creator to do the job for you.

Here is a tutorial on how to draw a police badge:

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