How Can I Draw Beyblade?


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To draw a beyblade is not that difficult all that holds important is the outline that you create for the beyblade. First and foremost you will need to purchase a beyblade. Once you buy this, let it rest on to a hard paper. A hard paper could be anything like a card paper or even a usual craft paper. Once you are done with it creates an outline for the beyblade, by simply holding the beyblade onto the paper. Once you are done with designing the outline, you can freely colour the paper of the beyblade.
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I know how to make a beyblade because I am a big bingo fan of this cartoon well I will say how to make it now get a glue the one which we roll the under and the glue comes up ok ones the glue is finneshd you will see a yellow thing it wll look like a screw it is long one so cut its half it will look like the beyblade under part ones its finneshd take a card board and draw a wegiht disk and cut it off  and a  circle  after that you make the beyblade attack ring which is on the top then make a circle on the attack ring as the size of the screw also make a hole in weight disk and the small circle once its all finnesd place the screw  in each hole start from the attack ring then put the weight disk then the small circle then paste it with a tape I hope you have a beyblade launcher so you can  1 2 3 LET IT RIP O you CATCH  YOU GUYS LATER

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