how can i describe a circus drawing?


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Recollections of the circus from when I was a kid. (And, yes, my memory does extend that far back.)

This is a circus and this is a clown,
The trapeze is up but the tigers are down.
Here is the ringmaster strutting his stuff,
There stands the strong man (geeze, he looks tough).
Up in the bleachers the kids are all laughing,
But those who ate hot dogs are out the back, barfing.

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explain how the artist used color, shape, texture, line, space to interpret circus. explain what drew you to the picture. what emotions it may evoke? how the artist’s choice of medium and of technique may have affected their interpretation of circus as a popular art form.
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Now that's not the question you asked in the first place, Sara. I'd say that's your assignment. :)
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I think I probably wrote that before you had posted your picture below the question.

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