How Can I Draw A Marijuana Plant?


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Look at google images and look up weed plant its that simple hope you find this helpful :)
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Many a times to get a very clear idea as to how many things look like is to see it yourself instead of depending on others description, particularly when you are attempting to put in paper. Only imagination cannot give you a proper and accurate idea of the object chosen for drawing. Hence it is better to have a first hand idea of how a thing looks before setting out to draw it.

In order to draw a marijuana plant you can either check out its pictures on books, TV or the internet. There would be many pictures and photographs that would give you a clear idea on how a marijuana plant looks like. Otherwise if it is possible then you can go and see it for yourself which would be even more instrumental in giving a proper depiction to the plant while you are drawing.

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Draw a cartoon plant in a plant pot smoking it self
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