How Do You Draw A Heart?


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Act like you you are drawing to half circles and connect them then like an ice cream cone add it to the bottom connecting also there have have a heart.
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Well to draw a heart just for the sake of drawing is different part of game than to drawing it for the sketching it for your biology practical copy

We all have a beautiful heart in ourselves s do try to draw it up to emotional satisfaction as well. I have some objection on this question regarding A heart……well heart in solitude don't have any meaning, two make the whole world. Believe me. So always try to draw them together in the best possible distance.don't make them apart.

As far as my opinion for drawing a heart is concerned just for the sake of drawing I will draw them in a cardboard, just select a cardboard turn it from middle in two equal parts. Now mark an arc in a halfway like a heart, cut it and you will get a full heart now cut another piece of cardboard by using this. This will make two equal hearts for, paint it in glossy blood red color and write up your name in one of these. And your love in the second one. Or if you are still single then its better to leave it blank and wait for the right time I guess. Now paste it in the middle, against the central wall of your room. And daily have a look on it.and do pray for your best future and for mine as well

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