How Do You Draw A Jaguar Properly?


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A knowledge of the skeleton of animals will help you to draw them well. There are numerous books devoted to drawing animals. See if you can find one that features a jaguar. A good book will likely show you a diagram or photograph of the animal's skeleton. Once you understand how the skeleton looks and moves, you can draw the animal in many different positions.

A reference book on animals that was created in the 1800's by the English-born photographer Edward Muybridge is still used by artists today. It features image sequences of the movements of many different kinds of animals - including humans. It allows artists to see exactly how the skeletons of animals work. Prior to Muybridge's work, most paintings portrayed the gait of horses in an inaccurate way.

Artists throughout time have pursued anatomical study in order to improve their drawing skills. Leonardo Da Vinci filled sketchbooks with his studies of cadavers. Rosa Bonheur, the famous painter of horses and other animals, liked to spend time at butcher shops drawing. It was the 1800's so hanging around a butcher's shop was a daring activity for a woman at the time! Without going to such extremes, you can look at artist reference books to improve your drawing of animals.

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