I Want To Draw A Picture To Stick On The Wall... What Should I Draw?


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It's great that you wish to be artistic, is there are a view that you like particularly, or a landscape, I think that they always look good on a wall, like having a beautiful frozen view from a window on the wall, beautiful, I've seen many beautifully done and since the wall is an excellent canvas, one could use almost any type of paint or material on the wall itself.

If you don't know any views, why not get a picture of some beautiful landscapes, or take a camera to some nice local locations and take some snaps for you to work from.

Of course this all depends on what kind of artist you, how good you are and what kinds of materials you have to use.
If you have a camera, you might wish to take a photograph and get it framed instead, that would also be beautiful.
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I want to draw a picture to show you what is this in the book and tell me what is this
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Draw a flower or a skull

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