I Want To Personalize My Guitar By Drawing A Painting On It...Can Anyone Tell Me How? I've Tried To Share This Idea With Several Luthiers And Guitar Stores But Not Only Sceptical They Are Disencouraging...Can Anyone Help?


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first draw whatever picture you want to go on your guitar. then take the drawing to an good airbrush artist, then have it painted on, as long as it is not scratched or going to be subjected to extreme weather conditions it should be fine. Carry your guitar in a padded case.
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what about the varnish? Do I have to take it off to make the drawing? and if I do How do I take it off without damaging the guitar?
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You don't have to take off the varnish, but I would suggest putting a clear, weatherproof coating over the top, kind of like putting top coat on your nails over the nail polish. It will keep the design there longer. But make sure you for sure want to do this. Once it's on, it won't come off. Is it an acoustic or an electric? Because that can make a big difference.
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You could try vinyl graphics . You can draw any design you want and take it to shop where they do graphics and they can print it out in a couple of hours. All you have to do is clean the instrument and apply the graphic. And if they wear off you can reapply new ones of the same thing or a new design. If you become rich from this I want my royalties sent to samaritans purse/billy grahams organization. :))
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I don't know if this will help you out, but my brother paints planes, the smaller ones like the cessnas. He took my sons guitar to the shop with him and stripped it and repainted it for him. It's so beautiful! Maybe you could do the same thing, go to the small aircraft field, and go into the shop/hangars, see if you can't find someone there to do it for you. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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You need to find out what is the wood. Then you need to get the paint for the wood and make the drawing.

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Hi, there will be a company & website online soon (October 1st) called designmyguitar.com where you can design your own guitar online. The guitars should be reasonably priced, about USD 250.

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