Do You Need To Go To College To Be A Graphic Designer?


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Technically, no. If you can find somebody at a current graphic design firm to let you shadow them in a sort of apprentice-type relationship, then you can build a resume on experience and never need a proper degree. If you can't get your foot in the door, however, it will probably help to go to college.

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Strictly speaking, no, but you should at least pretend to be a college student and sit in on the lectures. I know you're looking at lots of famous people (like steve jobs, bill gates, etc) who never finished college and yet became successful. The difference between you and these people is, they started college, and left it- as a temporary thing- to do something more lucrative, and somehow they never got back to it. Even in the art world, you can find things like this. However, if you're asking this kind of question, you need to go to college and at least steal your education because it *is* an education, and you need one. You need to know the bits of theory, like why some things aren't done and why some things are. You need to know basic things- that the college of your choice or convenience will probably teach you- that are done in any situation in graphic design.

I'm going to cut this short and say this: If you didn't need to go to college for this, you'd already be a successful graphic designer. You aren't. You're asking people on the internet for advice about something you're in denial of. You need to go to college.
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Choscura- What if this person is a student in school that needs to do research, or is just curious about their future, like me? I, personally, was wondering if I should start thinking about college or not for this profession. Really? Not everyone is in denial or *needs* to go to college.
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No, There is no need to go to BE College to become a Graphic Designer because it's simple course for designing you can learn at your home from many sites like w3school or you can take a one month course from any institute or you can check on Internet many web sites for knowledge of Web Design like..

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