What Is The Role Of A Graphic Artist?


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The graphic artist has a very important role in the publishing, media, and information technology industries. The role of the graphic artist has evolved over the years. However, the basic functionality of the graphic artist has not changed. The role of a graphic artist is to provide illustrations, pictures, layouts, and other related visual components to a book, artwork, advertisement, or online/traditional publication.

In earlier times, before the concept of online publishing came about, the role of the graphic artist was limited to providing the illustrations and graphics that were required for different publications. There were some graphic artists who specialized in manually drawn animations.

The arrival of the Internet has changed all that. Today, the role of a graphic artist is much more than merely providing static images and visual elements. Where earlier the only skill a graphic artist needed to have was the ability to draw well, today a successful graphic artist has to have, along with the basic drawing skill, knowledge of how to use the different graphic software packages available.

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