What Is The Role Of Art Director?


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The person who is responsible for creating ad visuals is the art director. Artists may create the specific illustration and readings, but the art director is the chief designer. Art director usually have a bachelor or masters degree in fine art from a design school or program. They are highly trained in graphic designs, including art, photography, and typography, use the color, and computer design software such as Quark and Photoshop. The art director has a huge responsibility in the development of an effective advertisement.

In particular, the art director is in charge of the visual looks of the message. Both in print and TV, and how it communicate moods, product qualities, and psychological appeals. Specifically the art director makes decisions about whether to use art or photography in print, film or animation in television, and what type of artistic style to use. The primary responsibility of an art director is to choose the visual elements used in the advertisement or commercial.

One of the most difficult problems that art directors and those who work on the creative side of advertising face is to transform concept into words and pictures. During the brainstorming process, both copywriters and art directors are engaged in visualization, which means they are imaging what the finished ad might look like. However, some clients have a hard time visualizing, which can frustrate creative people who are trying to sell their ideas.

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