What Is The Role Of The Artist? To What Extent Do Artists Express Or Influence Culture.


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An artist is one who draw or creates something with his imaginative power and skills.
An artist can express or influence any of the culture through a great extent means he could provide the identity to the culture in front of the world, like when see the movies of different countries we come to know about their culture, feeling, ideas and many more. Similarly, when we read books or see paintings or buildings, it creates an images of the culture and traditions in front of us. Earlier humans had drawn the images on the walls of the caves which leads us to know about them and of course our-self in a much batter manner. This is how we can say that an artist is a person of great importance in expanding and elaborating the traditional and cultural values to the world.
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In my mind an artists roll is to entertain the mind, bring out the observers imagination through there art, love, horror, beauty, perversion, hate, fantasy, violence and other emotions that wont come to my mind a the moment.
Artists influence culture with there expression of how they see things, be it painting, sculpture or other forms of art, they show the history, traditions, scenery, buildings, people and there clothing, feelings of the country they are trying to express.

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