What Is The Relationship Between Konstantin Stanislavski And David Mamet?


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David Mamet studied acting around and about, but he spent some time at the Neighborhood Playhouse, studying with the great method teacher Sanford Meisner, Meisner used a behavioural approach to acting that was based on Konstantin Stanislavki's ideas called a Method of Physical Action.

Mamet's work on a technique called Practical Aesthetics is directly related to Stanislavki because Method of Physical Action and Practical Aesthetics share some common routes, the focus on doing, the focus on the text, there is a good amount of cross over. However, Mamet diverges from Meisner and Stanislavski on the topics of Emotion and Character (and faith).

Mamet is greatly influenced by Stanislavski and is keen to often laud and criticise his forebear, many think that Mamet's criticism of Stanislavski mean that he is anti-Stanislavski, I believe that he is highly pro-Stan, but believes that one can be respectful without being reverent.

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